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Titans Return

Titans Return
Please check back for updated information on how Cal State Fullerton is preparing for the gradual and safe return of all students, faculty, and staff to campus. This site will include the following information:

  • Phasing and plans for gradual return of on-campus instruction, support services, athletics, and events;
  • Descriptions and roles of the several campus-wide Working Groups comprised of faculty, staff, and students who are creating plans and recommendations for campus occupancy;
  • Sanitization, disinfection, and deep-cleaning efforts to maintain safe and clean campus facilities;
  • Health and screening information as well as guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE) use for individuals returning to campus;
  • Information on accessing on-campus and on-going virtual support and others services through fall 2020;
  • Updated listing of open and accessible facilities, vending and dining, and outdoors spaces on campus
  • Phase 1

    Clean and Prepare

    Cleaning supplies

    Incrementally expand essential on-campus employees in adapted work areas and/or protocols.

    Telecommuting and virtual instruction except for essential services

    Sanitization, disinfection, and deep-cleaning efforts to maintain safe and clean campus facilities

    Monitor and implement federal, state and local public health and safety guidance

    Convening of campus re-entry working groups to coordinate planning for campus occupancy

    Preparing campus facilities for re-entry (such as employees in Capital Programs and Facilities Management, IT)

    Support of summer instruction

    Prepare and submit campus request for on-campus experiential learning exceptions for Fall 2020 to the Chancellor’s Office

    Develop division re-entry plans

    Develop and implement health and safety training and protocols for employees returning to campus

    Procure appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for campus occupancy

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  • Phase 2

    Return of Additional Personnel

    Beaker and magnifying glass

    Return of additional personnel to prepare for in-person instruction and resume limited on-campus activities.

    Instruction remains virtual; continue telecommuting for most employees

    Resumption of on-campus research

    Students completing administrative tasks

    Provision of medical treatment to student athletes

    Resumption of modified campus vending and food provided by Auxiliary Services

    Announcement of approved on-campus experiential learning courses and housing plan for fall 2020

    Complete necessary safety modifications to labs, classrooms and other facilities to be used for identified on-campus experiential learning in fall 2020

    Resumption of medical treatment/training of student athletes preparing for competition

    Complete planning for resumption of recreation, child care, and other services and facilities funded and provided by Associated Students, Inc.

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  • Phase 3

    Fall 2020 Semester

    3 books

    Resumption of approved on-campus experiential learning, residential, and/or select other service.

    Most instruction remains virtual with limited on-campus experiential learning

    Telecommuting continues for most employees

    Re-open Pollak Library for “curbside” service

    Re-open select non-instructional facilities*

    Faculty/Staff in departments/units facilitating Academic/Student Support functions

    Students in targeted co-curricular activities (such as COTA productions, student-athletes, ASI, Daily Titan)

    Students picking up course materials

    Resumption of select facilities and services funded and provided by Associated Students, Inc.

    Resumption of intercollegiate athletics competition with limited or no spectators*

    *Pending authorization from federal, state and local agencies

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  • Phase 4

    Primarily On-Campus Instruction

    Instructor lecturing to 3 students

    Return of general student population in adapted, limited gatherings and controlled spaces to campus.

    Resume low to low medium risk in-class instruction

    Return students to adapted, lower risk residence living

    Resume adapted Library use for employees and students

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  • Phase 5

    Resume Campus Activities

    calendar and clock

    Resume adapted, low to low medium risk campus activities.

    Student co-curricular activities, programs, and learning experiences

    Academic and university activities (such as DIEP, Total Wellness, etc.)

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  • Phase 6

    Resume Campus Events

    event ticket stubs

    Resume large gatherings and community events.



    University Advancement

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