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Fall 2020 classes

President Fram Virjee on Fall 2020 classes: “With guidance from the CSU Chancellor’s Office, the governor, and local and state health officials, CSUF continues to prepare for all variables as it relates to COVID-19. This includes planning for the significant possibility of an overwhelmingly virtual fall semester, while exploring the possibility of face-to-face teaching and research exemptions as described by Chancellor White today. We are making our preparations with an emphasis on flexibility and the ability to pivot from limited face to face instruction to virtual as needed and as we face the quickly-changing nature of the pandemic.  And when making any decision, we will continue to prioritize our twin touchstones of the health and safety of our campus community and the delivery of the highest quality education possible.  To be clear, while we will, of course, comply with the Chancellor’s direction, we have not yet made any final decisions.  We will be consulting with our campus partners, including our Academic Senate, administration, faculty, staff and our union partners, before making any final decision.”