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California State University, Fullerton
Titans Return: COVID-19 Recovery

CSU to Implement COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Upon FDA Approval View Statement

Clean and Safe Campus

President’s Directive 21: COVID-19 Mitigation and Guidelines

To protect the health of all who are on campus, the facilities team has developed a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting schedule for all rooms used for in-person courses, in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Other considerations include: space seating/desks at least six feet apart, and removing or taping off seats in fixed seating lecture halls. Typical classroom capacity has been reduced to accommodate proper physical distancing.

Signage will be placed on all building entry doors and individual rooms being used for in-person courses to ensure students and faculty know how to proceed upon entering. Hand-sanitizer stations will be placed at building entrances where in-person courses will be held. For additional information on safety and PPE visit the EHS COVID-19 Safety website.

Maintenance personnel cleaning campus facilities
Maintenance personnel cleaning campus facilities