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Clarification on fall semester from Provost

Clarification on fall semester from Provost Pamella Oliver:

It is the complete hope of Cal State Fullerton to have traditional instruction in the fall. But like every university in America, we are working through the many unknowns of the current pandemic.

There were reports I said that Fullerton is cancelling classes and going fully virtual for the fall. Let me be clear, that is false. What I said is -that we need to prepare for all variables. Our goal is face to face, on campus instruction, however, we are asking faculty to be prepared to start the semester teaching virtually. This is the correct and prudent choice.

We want to avoid the situation we had this semester when the switch to virtual was required after the semester instruction began on campus.Our priority is the safety of the entire campus community and the educational success of our students. We will continue to follow the guidance of the various health agencies, the governor, the CSU Chancellor’s office on the most appropriate path forward with the goal of having in-person instruction in the fall. I should mention that we all need to be flexible because if there is one thing we have learned through this pandemic, things can change quickly.