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California State University, Fullerton
Titans Return: COVID-19 Recovery

To limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus, see the University’s COVID-19 Mitigation Measures & Guidelines (Presidential Directive No. 21).  View the full directive.

Credit/No-Credit Grading Basis for Faculty

NOTE TO OUR FACULTY: The following FAQs are designed to describe the spring 2020 grading basis options that will be available to our Titans to help them make the most appropriate grading basis choices amid the COVID-19 disruptions. Procedurally and for all courses except those exclusively established on a CR/NC grading basis, faculty members retain the authority to evaluate students’ final course performance on a letter grade basis (A through F, excluding courses established on a CR/NC grading basis. Students will have the period of May 22 to June 1, 2020 to opt out of the assigned course letter grade and choose its CR/NC grade equivalent. If no choice is selected by the students, the course letter grade will be the default grade. Students will be provided comprehensive advisement and information resources to help them make the best decisions possible, helping them to understand that before they choose they must be made aware of a number of consequences; the CR/NC grading option may or may not be beneficial to some individuals. Opting for CR/NC grades can have numerous effects for certain populations of students (such as veterans, financial aid recipients, students on academic probation, students repeating course to improve a prior grade, re-entry students in Extended Education, student-athletes, students in pre-licensure or credential programs, students in post-baccalaureate programs to prepare for professional school, etc.). Therefore, there will be a comprehensive communication campaign involving outreach by various measures under the CHECK BEFORE YOU CHOOSE! Grading Basis Campaign.

What is grading basis?

How are we defining the CR/NC grading basis here at CSUF?

Under what authority can our campus implement the CR/NC grading basis?

Can students select either to keep the final letter grade that I assign or opt for the CR/NC equivalent grade for my class?

What is the timeframe for students to opt for the equivalent CR/NC grade for my class?

Can students change grading basis options after the spring 2020 term?

Will course withdrawals be handled differently amid the COVID-19 disruption for the spring 2020 term?

What happens if students just stop attending my class?

What if a student elects the CR/NC grading basis option before the end of the term and then stops attending my class?

How can my students complete the required service learning and internships hours requirements given the COVID-19 disruptions?

Can I just award Incomplete grades to my students?

What about grades for lab, studio and other physical location courses?

Can a CR grade satisfy prerequisite and major courses?

Where do D+ and C+ grades fall in the CR/NC grading basis range?

Can students choose CR/NC grading basis options for upper-division writing requirement (UDWR) for the spring 2020 term?